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Who we are

Soulmates™ caters to the discerning, discriminating, sophisticated, attractive, accomplished, successful, affluent and highly educated client; who is realistic and knows what he/she wants in a romantic partner. If you are single, physically fit, emotionally healthy, passionate about life, cultured and relationship-ready then Soulmates™ is for you.    We believe you have a right to be highly selective in your choice of a partner because you have earned it.  Our high-end boutique service delivers high quality introductions.

Soulmates™ is the best kept secret. This exclusive ‘members only’ club is for accomplished relationship- ready singles who are commitment-minded. You have been successful in your career and you are at the top of your field. However, you are still waiting for ‘The One’.  You dream of that special someone who you can share your success with. You are tired of the dates that lead nowhere, the meaningless encounters and the lost time. Take the first step today by becoming a gold, platinum or diamond member and finding your ideal match. Manifest what you desire. Do not settle. Be proactive. Do not leave true love in the package you desire, up to chance.


What we do

If you are ready and committed to finding ‘The One’ in the package you desire, then Soulmates™ is your answer. We focus on high quality introductions after doing all the hard work for you. We ask the tough questions and verify the answers so you can relax in comfort, date with peace of mind and let the sparks fly. Our upscale, personalised, exclusive service comes with all the care, attention and dedication you would expect from the very best.

As successful persons you invest time and money in everything you consider worth having. You invest in finding the perfect car, house, getting the best education, finding the right job or business opportunity and having a great body! But how much do you invest in finding true love? The one you want to share your dreams with. The one you want to enjoy life with. The one you want to age gracefully with.

How happy you are now is more important than what is in the bank and Soulmates™ spares no expense in making our service exceptional.

Services are provided to members only. Members pay a membership fee in advance for 12 months. The membership fee is discussed with the client and determined based on the type of search required. There are 3 levels of membership, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. To be considered for membership you must pay a non-refundable application fee of US$500. The application process ensures quality assurance so we can confidently and consistently provide only high quality introductions.


Privacy and Quality Assurance

Soulmates’ boutique service is second to none. We extract your Soulmate Blueprint and pair you with your ideal match. We do the hard work so you won’t have to. We spare no detail in ensuring that we deliver quality introductions. All members are carefully screened through one on one Soulmate sessions. We require identification, proof of age, certificates, diplomas, degrees earned, police record, affiliations, address verification and authorisation to do a full background check.

When the member accepts an introduction and wants to find out more we assist in arranging every single detail of the date and provide a Soulmate coach, if one is required.

We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality so you can relax with confidence. Your profile will never be online for the eyes of your customers, employees and friends. No algorithmic matches that come up short.

If you are ready for true love, Soulmates™ is waiting for you.

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We are always available by phone or email.

Phone: 1-876-948-5627
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Be Proactive

If you feel that Soulmates is for you then give us a call today or send us an email. An associate will be in touch with you within 24hrs or less. After an initial discussion we will determine if we can serve you. The next step is a detailed face to face (preferably) Soulmate session to extract and script your Soulmate blueprint, after payment is received and Quality Assurance is completed.

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